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Wedding Packages

If you are looking for a custom package, please contact us
  • Helen Package  1/3
    • 4 Hours of Photography time
    • 2 Experienced Photographers
    • 200-400 Beautiful Photos
    • Video Story
    • Online Gallery
    Price 1200
    Perfect For: Stylish Elopements
  • Heros Package  2/3
    • 10 Hours of Photography time
    • 2 Experienced Photographers
    • 500-700 Beautiful Photos
    • Video Story
    • Online Gallery
    Price 1900
    Perfect For: Classic Weddings (Most Popular)
  • Aphrodite Package 3/3
    • 12 Hours of Photography time

    • 2 Experienced Photographers + Assistants

    • 600-900 Beautiful Photos

    • Video + Video Story

    • Modern Personal Website

    • Pre/Post Wedding Couples Photoshoot
    • Print Wedding Magazine
    • Travel Expenses Included 
    Price 5000


    Perfect For: The Complete Luxury Wedding Experience
  • They made us feel so special. We didn’t really have to worry about anything. And when the wedding was delayed instead of stressing us out they made sure that we were in a good mood and created truly magical photos with only half the time they were promised. Really couldn’t have asked for anything more.

    Charlotte & James

  • We saw Sarunas and Ingrida working at our friend’s wedding and immediately decided that we would love to have them for our special day. The effortless way in which they worked made everyone so happy and relaxed. Instead of tiring us and our guests out with relentless posing, they shot in a documentary style photography, capturing real emotions. And yet they managed to make everything look even better than we remembered. 

    Margot & Luke

  • Sarunas and Ingrida, thank you so much for being a part of our wedding. You have truly captured the mood of the day. The images are intimate, unique and full of romance. Thank you!

    Amira & Mateo

  • Best team ever! I think what really stuck with me the most was how passionate they were about the whole process. We wanted a more editorial look to the images, and they went far and beyond to achieve that. Going even as far as helping me style my wedding dress! And Oh My God, the images were so stylish. Everything looked like stills from a movie. 

    Siena & Adam

  • Eros Wedding is a team of professional artists who are able to not only capture the sentimental emotions of the day, but were capable to represent us as a couple in a most spectacular way. When we saw the photo gallery I started to cry because of how beautiful and amazing it was. 

    Emma & Thomas


Our goal is to take as much of the responsibility and stress away from you and make the whole experience as effortless as it can be.  Below you can find a list of questions we were asked most often during our years as wedding photographers. 

What are your prices?

Prices start at 1200 for elopements/mini weddings and 1900 for full-day weddings.

How can we reserve a date?

First, we need to agree on the date and pick the right package for you. Then we will send you our contract for review and once that is signed and a 30% retainer paid we will reserve your wedding date.

What is your wedding photography style?

Your unique and elegant visual story will be told by photographers with more than a decade of editorial, design, and wedding expertise.
You will join over 50 couples in 12 countries who had an unforgettable, luxury experience.
Your most important day will be in the hands of photographers trusted by celebrities and fashion clients.

How do you do group shots?

We always schedule time for immediate family portraits and work with you or your wedding planner to make this go as smoothly as possible. If there are any sensitive areas (divorces, personal feelings, etc) we would need to know about these so that we can arrange the photos accordingly.

If you would like group shots of friends and acquaintances outside of immediate family, please let us know so that we can arrange time for these with your or your wedding planner.

How many images do we receive?

We will send you 50-80 images for each hour we spend at your wedding. So, for a 10-hour wedding there would be approximately 500-800 images.

How fast will we receive the images?

We understand how excited you are to see your beautiful photos. That is why we have a small preview of 10-20 images ready within 1 week from the wedding. The rest usually takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

When do you arrive to our wedding location?

For local weddings (we spend most of our time between London, Greece, and Italy) we usually arrive the night before. Occasionally, when we are within a driving distance of your wedding location due to prior commitment, we arrive on the morning of your wedding day. If that is the case we make sure to leave plenty of time for anything unexpected.

For destination weddings, we prefer to arrive 2-3 days prior, so that no flight delays would interrupt our schedule.

Where are you based?

We spend our time between London and Greece, but we have traveled to over 12 countries shooting weddings. From the beaches of Mauritius to the romantic chateaus in Paris, and the extravagant hotels in Bangkok.

Do we get to select the images?

We select the images based on the content, story, composition and the general mood of the day. We only omit unflattering, blurry or otherwise unfit images so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

What cameras do you use?

We use the latest Sony cameras, and depending on your package a film camera or two. 

What happens if you can't make it to our wedding?

With close to 50 weddings that hasn’t happened yet, and we hope that it won’t. But because we have a plan for everything, we would find an alternate photographer that matches our style, or refund your retainer and all other funds paid. However, we take our health and plans seriously and we plan in a way so as there is no rush on our part.

Can we choose a bespoke package?

Absolutely. We tailor each wedding package to your needs, location, number of guests, etc. All you have to do is let us know and we will take care of the rest.

Is travel included in your pricing?

Travel is included only for select packages. Please get in touch for more information.

Is there a second shooter?

Yes. We love working together. For especially large weddings we even get more help, assistants and even a third shooter if needed.

Do you shoot film?

For the most part, we shoot digital. While we appreciate the aesthetics of film, we tend to shoot mostly digital and replicate the film look if needed. We have done comprehensive tests and found that we are able to replicate the film aesthetics without the people noticing that it was a digital file, to begin with.

Do you retouch the images?

We do careful color and exposure corrections, and depending on the package apply a chosen film look. There is no individual skin retouching applied unless you have specifically chosen a package that includes a certain number of retouched images. We have found that for the vast majority of images individual skin retouching is not needed and might even distract from the authentic and natural feel of the day.

Where do we view/ download the images?

We present them in a carefully curated collection to be viewed and downloaded in our beautiful online gallery. We also ship them as printed photography (it all depends on your package).  The online gallery with full-resolution images will be kept for 1 year, but it is possible to extend it to however long you wish.

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